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Introducing the main characters



An exiled princess from a winged race of warriors, Zintara was orphaned at a young age, and brought up by the mage M'Hancha among humans. Zintara must seek out her lost past and discover the secrets of her ancestors in order to save the ones she loves.



M'Hancha is a great mage, inventor, healer,  and is also Chancellor of Takla. He raised and protected Zintara when she was orphaned at an early age, and is the closest thing Zintara has to family.



Korban is a powerful and ruthless sorceror enmeshed in the dark arts who seized the eastern provinces of Takla years ago, and now seeks to overthrow the king and rule all of Takla with a fearsome force. His history with Zintara and her family is long and complicated.


King Arvosh

King Arvosh is the just and wise ruler of the great kingdom of Takla. Other nations look to his leadership to keep the continent from descending into chaos. But his rule has been plagued by constant war with the rebel sorceror Korban, and Korban's power is growing.


Queen Eliana

Eliana is queen of Takla and the sister of Duke Galhuri. Although her marriage to King Arvosh was arranged to join rival families who both had claims to the throne of Takla, she and King Arvosh love each other deeply.


Tolchar D'Galhuri

Duke Galhuri of Shkun Hadi is a rich, powerful and scheming noble who has never forgotten his claim to the throne of Takla, and who bears no love for King Arvosh. He is Queen Eliana's brother.


Prince Ardelann

Prince Ardelann is the eldest son and heir of King Arvosh and Queen Eliana. He is also Zintara's secret lover. Deathly ill as a child, and healed by M'Hancha, the return of his illness presents a great threat to the kingdom...and an opportunity.


Fera Zmal

Fera Zmal grew up on the streets of Nenhelros, Takla's capital city, as a petty thief. But he now rules Nenhelros' seamy underworld, and his influence runs from the Assassin's Guild to some very unexpected places.


The Seer of Yal Atiff

Taking the shape of a young girl, the Seer of Yal Atiff is an ancient and powerful spirit whose true motives no one knows. Korban believes she can help him conquer all, but she can only be summoned by an amulet owned by Korban's cast off wife.


Lord H'Marre

Korban's nephew and heir. His parents died of a mysterious illness when he was a small child, and Korban adopted him. He is in charge of mustering Korban's army, and is troubled by the growing changes he sees in his uncle.

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by Michel and Dominic Bohbot

An Illustrated Fantasy Novel 

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