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Welcome to Zintara's World

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After untold millenia, Zintara and the Stones of Alu Cemah is here!


This is a richly illustrated 8.5" x 11" 216-page book with almost 200 full-color illustrations. It tells the tale of Zintara, a young exiled princess of a winged race, who embarks on a perilous journey to discover the powerful but dangerous secrets of her ancestors. 

She faces hard choices and hard-fought battles, but only in her lost past can she find the answers she needs to defeat the sorceror Korban's monstrous evil and save the ones she loves.


What our reviewers are saying:

     "A beautifully illustrated and powerfully written fantasy" 

     "Really good story, told with masterful storytelling."

     "Each page, and the book as a whole, is a work of art."

     "A gorgeously illustrated book."

     "Draws you into a fast-paced story of great valor, loyalty, courage, and love."

by Michel and Dominic Bohbot

An Illustrated Fantasy Novel 

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